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The Cambridge Campaign for Cyprus (or CCC) is an independent, bi-communal campaign group made up of Cambridge students. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the situation in Cyprus, to promote greater understanding between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, and ultimately, to contribute to the debate about prospects for a solution. 

The CCC has a strongly bi-communal ethos and its membership includes both Greek and Turkish Cypriot students, although membership is open to anyone who shares our objectives. 

Through its membership and its events the CCC firstly hopes to demonstrate that people from these two communities can live and work together. Secondly, it hopes to dispel the misconceptions that the inter-communal tensions in Cyprus are insoluble, and are the sole factor keeping the island divided. 

The CCC is working towards a a common vision of a united, peaceful, federal Cyprus, a member state of the European Union, where the rights and freedoms of all its communities are respected. 


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