Bi-communal Youth Groups and Activities

Since its very first days has followed closely all the activities and events organised by the various existing bi-communal youth groups and has hosted special web projects related to them. These pages are dedicated to those very active young Greek and Turkish Cypriots peace-makers. In these pages you will find information about the Youth Encounters for Peace (YEP) groups, the Seeds of Peace groups and other youth groups and initiatives. You will also find pages dedicated to some of the events these youth groups have organised and information about their projects as well as how to contact them. is ready to help any bi-communal youth group to build its own web project.

Youth Encounters for Peace In these pages you will find information about the YEP groups and their projects

Pyla Camper's 2000 reunion On Sunday the 27th of August Turkish and Greek Cypriot students who participated in three summer camps in the USA met for the first time in Cyprus. These groups are the YEP 2, YEP 3 and SoP 2.

Seeds of Peace In these pages you will find information about the Seeds of Peace bi-communal groups and activities


This weekend was probably one of the best I have ever had, such that I cannot stop thinking of the two days I had spent together with my new friends. I am full with the enthusiasm of doing something that may be useful on behalf of our YEP 4 group and communities also. I always check out if I came up with any other ideas to promote our efforts and I think it is about time we got together.

Having no idea about what was waiting for me, I was feeling a bit strange and puzzled when I woke up on Saturday morning. This was going to be the first time that I was supposed to meet with Greek Cypriot youth, which we always used to know as enemies! However all my anxiety disappeared as soon as I began to talk with our Greek friends and I was quite comfortable indeed in just a few minutes

During the two-day workshop period, we started a long journey from past, travelled through the present and advanced towards the future. Finally we concluded that what we are supposed to do was to remember the sufferings both communities went through, hold hand to hand and look to the bright coming days. I had spent two dream-like days in Pyla.

And now I look forward to other YEP projects. Now I am happy (to make lots of real friends), hopeful and proud of what we have achieved. Above all these all aren't what we are going to be satisfied with; we want more and we will get it!We love our compatriots, we count on our compatriots and look forward to their support.


Çise (Chise) SAKALLI

Chise Sakalli is a young student member of YEP 4

YEP 4 workshop that took place in Pyla during the weekend 2-3.9.2000


Among other activities the bi-communal youth groups organised the Bi-communal Youth Festival and the Villagers Meeting both at Pergamos Park. Find more about these events, see photographs and a watch a short video at:

Bi-communal Youth Festival

Villagers Meeting