Make (at least) one friend project

The new phase ­ make at least one friend project

The YEP project now enters a new phase with the aim of making it possible to young Cypriots to make at least one friend from the 'other side' even if it is very difficult to meet face to face. The main idea is to make a first contact and begin exchanging messages via e-mail or other means with at least one young person from the other community.

How to get involved ­ how will the project work

If you are interested all you need to do is to fill in the accompanying form and send the relevant information by letter or fax or e-mail to:

For Greek Cypriots:

YEP Project,

P.O. Box 45089,

Aradippou, Larnaca 7110.


Tel./Fax: 04-530924

For Turkish Cypriots:

YEP Project,

P.O. Box 247,



Please make sure that the form is filled very clearly, especially the part where you write your e-mail! We will be collecting forms from both communities to set up our data base and we will do our best to make the most suitable 'matches'. After you send us the information you will soon hear from us with details of the person(s) you will be communicating with.

If you have e-mail it will be very simple. We'll 'match' you with someone from the other side who has e-mail and you will both receive from us simultaneously each other's e-mail address. If you do not have your own e-mail you may ask a friend to 'borrow' his/her e-mail address for the project.

If you do not have access to any e-mail you could be sending the letters by ordinary post first to us at the YEP Project address. We will tell you more about this once we get your application form.

Once we help you make the first contact it will be totally up to you how often to communicate, what direction to take and so on. Our role is just to open the door.

If you need more forms to get your friends involved in the project just let us know. You may send us an e-mail asking for this information in electronic form so that you can send it to your friends via e-mail.

Who can join the project?

Any young Cypriot may join. The project is especially open to young Cypriots living abroad. Even though the original YEP groups were only teenagers this new project is extended also to young people in their 20s as well.

What about those who do not speak English?

In such cases we encourage those who want to join to find one friend from their community who knows English and ask him/her to be their translator in the project.

A last word

We hope you will join us in our effort to build bridges of peace between the young generation. You can start by extending your hand to a person in the other community. And in doing this you are joining the efforts of all those who strive to build the peace hand by hand, heart by heart, soul by soulŠ



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