EDITORIALS, CROSSINGS, Vol: 1, No: 1, April 1996

Anthony A. Koyzis

Turgut Durduran

In the film "Our Wall" by Panikos Chrysanthou and Niyazi Kizilyurek a Turkish Cypriot shepherd while interviewed suggests in Greek : "....when we are left alone we can find it (get along)....". In this simple but yet elegant sentence one sees a powerful truth as far as solving the Cyprus problem. It would be indeed the effort of Greek and Turkish Cypriots that would lead to a lasting solution of our problem.

Crossings is a bicommunal journal committed to these simple but yet elegant words of the Turkish Cypriot shepherd. In its first edition the journal attempts to bring together Greek and Turkish Cypriots through articles, poetry, sharing of experiences as well as announcements in a way that was never done before. As a journal it is the joint effort of Turkish and Greek Cypriots who are committed to a vision of a peaceful Cyprus where all persons and communities are respected and share in the vision of a Cyprus which will enter the 21st century free from its past divisions, free from its long standing division along ethnonational lines. A Cyprus of the 21st century which is multicultural and just.

Crossings will be initially published in English with the hope that in the future will be published in Greek and Turkish. The journal will be directed to all Cypriots who are willing to enter the dialog which will lead us to a Cyprus for all Cypriots. As editors of the journal we will attempt to incorporate views from both Greek and Turkish Cypriots as long as it reflects the above vision of the journal.

We hope that Crossings moves to a plane of real dialog between our communities and becomes a forum of discussion, discourse and solutions. With this we welcome you to the bicommunal world of Crossings .

I am very delighted to see a bi-communal Cypriot journal coming to being a reality. It is sad that it is done abroad , here in United States of America , and mostly via an indirect way of communication - internet, but nevertheless I hope this will be another step towards increasing understanding between Cypriots.

CROSSINGS, is a bi-communal journal, which means it is the product of Turkish and Greek Cypriots, and many others. Its contents are also bi-communal, and it is open to all kinds of views. Everything related to Cyprus is welcomed in CROSSINGS - culture, academics, politics, sports, news, announcements.

We are not here to write this journal ourselves, this journal depends on articles that Cypriots and people interested in Cyprus will be sending to us. Its future is completely dependent on its readers and their contributions. So please, read it and pass it along, and contribute to it . We are waiting for submissions.

Why is it called CROSSINGS? We live in a divided island where there is virtually no "crossing" between the two communities. In a way, CROSSINGS provides a medium of "crossing" to "the other side" .

I hope you'll all enjoy reading CROSSINGS.

CROSSINGS, is published by Turgut Durduran & Anthony Koyzis, two individuals and it not part of any organization. The material presented here do not necessarily represent the beliefs and ideals of the editors. Furthermore all conributions are presented as authentic as possible as a way of allowing each author a forum to express their ideas. . It will be a regularly published journal.

For more information contact one of the editors:

Antony  A. Koyzis,                  Turgut Durduran, 
Dept. Edu. Foundations              4105 Spruce str, Sprucewood Apts #C5
College of Edu. & Human Services    Philadelphia
Uni. Wisconsin-Oshkosh              Pennsylvania, PA 19104
USA                                 USA
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