by George Stergiou Kaloudis, Ph.D.
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percent positions in the civil service available immediately, even if qualified people were nor available, and during 1960-1963, used their veto powers to bring the government to total paralysis (Stephens 168- 180). This, of course, led to the proposed thirteen Constitutional amendments by President Makarios and the 1963-1964 crisis, the U.N. involvement, and the stagnation of the Cyprus problem.

Frequently, the Turks claimed that the Greek Cypriots exploited the Turkish Cypriots. Robert Stephens argues that "perhaps the biggest mistake the Greeks made was in their indifference to Turkish poverty" (173). But is this argument correct? Did the Greek Cypriots really impoverish the Turkish Cypriots?

I believe that the Turkish Cypriot stagnation was a product of a combination of factors. The economic blockade imposed by the Greek Cypriots against the Turkish Cypriots since August 1964 contributed to their stagnation. However, the Turkish Cypriots were also responsible for this. Their leaders encouraged them to buy only Turkish products, tried to create a separate economy without having the capabilities, an tried to isolate themselves.

The U.N. Secretary-General took this viewpoint, at least to some extent, when he stated: "The Turkish Cypriot policy of self-isolation has led the community in the opposite direction from normality. The community leadership discourages the Turkish Cypriot population from engaging in personal, commercial, or other contact with their Greek Cypriot compatriots, from applying to government offices in administrative matters or from resettling in their home villages if they are refugees" (Loizos 19).

It can be argued, then, that the actions of both communities have contributed to further destabilization of the Cyprus situation. They do not trust each other, they are not willing or are unable to change their positions, and they react negatively to the actions of the other community.

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Song of my Lover 
Sea, was my lover's song 
War anchored itself in its deep blue 
my lover, 
dead soldier. 
Wheat, was my lover's song 
War put hand-cuffson its golden stare 
my lover, 
dead soldier. 
Peace, was my lover's song 
War divided its white smile into two 
my lover, 
dead soldier. 
I hear my lover 
dead soldier is singing 
blue songs knocking our doors. 
I hear it, 
the ones who died in war 
singing the best peace songs. 
(My Lover, Dead Soldier, 1985) 
 Mehmet Yasin 

  A Great Day for Freedom , Pink Floyd 
  On the day the wall come down 
  They threw the locks onto the ground 
  And with glasses high we raised a   
  cry for freedom had arrived 

 		On the day the wall come down 
		The Ship of Fools had finally ran aground  		                
                Promises lit up the night  
		like paper doves in flight 

  I dreamed you had left my side 
  No warmth, not even pride remained 
  And eventhough you needed me 
  I was clear that I could not do  
  a thing for you 

		Now life devalues day by day 
		As friends and neighbors turn away 
		And there's a change, even			                
                with regret can not be undone 

  Now frontiers shift like desert sands 
  While nations wash their bloodied hands 
  Of loyalty, of history, in shades of grey 

		I woke to the sound of drums 
		The music played,  
		the morning sun streamed in 
		I turned and looked at you 
		And all but the bitter residues 
`		slipped away...slipped away 
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