Cyprus Problem, the end of Cypriots?,
by Tumer Halil

The Cyprus problem entered once more a cul-de-sac, getting worse everday. Greek Cypriots "know" that Turks are their enemies, that they were kicked out of their homes and lands illegally and barbarically and this still continues. Turkish Cypriots , on the other hand , "know" that it is the opposite, that they have suffered a lot from Greek Cypriots and are affraid of going through that again.

There are extreme nationalists in both communities. Greek Cypriot ones are eager for a unification with Greece whereas the Turkish Cypriot ones are for a unification with Turkey. We can reach a conclusion at this point that it is the extreme nationalists who are behind this conflict between these two communities, and they constantly promote it. Both a common Turkish Cypriot and a Greek Cypriot in the street feels really sad when they hear about looting and killing of a poor Greek Cypriot old man in North, or in South that an innocent Turkish Cypriot is labelled as a spy. Unfortunately in the South the newspapers constantly use irritating words against Turkish Cypriots, for example it said "The Best Turk is a Dead Turk" in one paper couple of months ago. There is a lot of stereotyping going against Turkish Cypriots, a Turkish Cypriot is smelly, stupid, spy and is ready to rape people. In both sides the popular media is acting negatively against peacefull co-existence of the two communities.

In South Cyprus the law and order is very highly esteemed. If a Turkish Cypriot ever has to go to a court he is expected to get his rights hundred percent. However , there are couple of striking cases that if a policeman would see that someone is a Turkish Cypriot , he would treat him "specially" . If the policeman is a common person, there is no problem, you can go ahead just by showing your documents, however if the policeman is an extremist then the things a lot different. Similar situations are causing troubles in both sides. This type of extremist actions are making me worry that the Cyprus Problem might be the end of Cypriots.

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