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by Turgut Durduran, Page 3

Note: This is article was originally written for StwENIAC magazine of Uni.Pennsylvania for Year Celebrations of Eniac
Cyprus to the Internet? I was not among the first Cypriots to get access to the Internet. Neither was I the most knowledgeable of them. I believe that the vast computer resources of Penn, and the importance given to the use of computers in classrooms, daily activities and even in entertainment was the main reason behind it. Penn was a pioneer in the computer age with ENIAC, and is still one of the main centers of computer use. I am hoping to keep using the Internet most efficiently to break through all the communication barriers in my country and help removing the bricks of the wall that divides my country one by one.

CROSSINGS is also published in World Wide Web on Internet, all issues can be read, downloaded and printed out in postscript format, the URL is:

CYPRUS-L; An Independent, Uncencored, Free Forum of Communication For Cypriots

Cyprus-l is a wonderful source of communication for ALL Cypriots. To the best of our knowledge it is the only way of completely free, independent, and uncencored communication for Cypriots breaking through the bariers of communication between Cypriots.

It is an internet mailing list, which means a program automatically sends messages between the members to their e-mail addresses. The usual topics are Cyprus Problem, culture, literature, sports, music, and anything that has relevance to Cyprus or Cypriots. In its short life-time (which is really long for internet) of almost three years it has built friendships, anomisities, bi-communal activities, and provided an open medium for Cypriots to learn from each other, along with foreigners who are interested in Cyprus related issues.

Technical details about Cyprus-l can be found in our World Wide Web homepage at;

Cyprus-l is neither owned nor controlled by anyone. Rather, it is administered by a group of Cypriots to handle the technical problems, and help members with their questions. Currently the administrators are three students studying in USA, namely:

Panayiotis Zaphiris ( 
Turgut Durduran     ( 
Stathis Mavrotheris ( 
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