Joint Declaration of the Patriotic Unity Movement(YBH) and the United Democrats(EDI)

The Patriotic Unity Movement headed by Mr. Izzet Izcan and the United Democrats headed by Mr. Mihalis Papapetrou met at the headquarters of the United Democrats on 13th May 2000 and having discussed the Cyprus problem and the related issues at length arrived at the following conclusions:

1. The solution of the Cyprus problem is long over due and should be solved without any further delay.

2. The solution must unite Cyprus under a federal flag within the framework of the high level agreements and relevant UN resolutions safeguarding the basic rights and freedoms of all its citizens.

3. We look forward to the process of integration into Europe being catalyst for the reunification of the island.

4. As mutual trust and cooperation of the two communities will guarantee a free and prosperous Cyprus in Europe everything possible should be done to promote intercommunal rapprochement.

5. The Patriotic Unity Movement and the United Democrats undertake to coordinate their efforts for a united Cyprus on the above basis and work together for an independent, sovereign and territorially integral demilitarized federal Cyprus.

6. The two parties will meet regularly in order to further their efforts for their common goals.