Joint Comminuque - AKEL and the Republican Turkish Party(CTP)

AKEL and the Republican Turkish Party having met in Nicosia on May 24, 2000, having discussed the current situation in Cyprus, the region and in the world and having exchanged views on issues of mutual interest in a cordial atmosphere, jointly declare the following:

1. The need to reach a peaceful and viable solution in the Cyprus problem is becoming, with the passing of time, constantly more pressing. Such a solution should safeguard the independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the bicommunal, bizonal Federal Republic of Cyprus and exclude every form of union, partition or secession as provided in the High-Level Agreements and the relevant UN Resolutions. Any effort in a different direction simply increases tensions on the island and obstructs the efforts to reach understanding.

2. A just and viable solution of the problem will be based on the political and economic equality of the two communities, as described by the UN Secretary-General in his report of 1990 and has been adopted in a number of Security Council Resolutions. It will be based on the consolidation of the security feeling in both communities and the safeguarding of equality, human rights and freedoms of all citizens without any discrimination on the basis of national origin. The solution will also be based on the principles that govern the European Union, to which Cyprus seeks to accede.

3. A just and viable solution can be achieved only by peaceful means, through substantive and constructive talks under the auspices of the United Nations and on the basis of the High Level Agreements and the relevant UN Resolutions.

4. AKEL and the Republican Turkish Party consider that the present procedure of proximity talks must be upgraded and become a substantive direct dialogue between the leaders of the two communities. They call on the leaders of both communities to come to the negotiating table without conditions and work with determination to find a mutually acceptable solution to the Cyprus problem, as demanded by the two communities. The two parties consider that any loss of time bears serious dangers for both communities.

5. They note the significance of discussing the problems emerging from the EU accession procedure.

6. The two parties consider that the improvement of the climate in the Greek-Turkish relations could and should help in the efforts for solution of the Cyprus problem. The resolution of the Cyprus problem would surely contribute to the final smoothing of relations between Greece and Turkey and to the consolidation of peace in the area of the Eastern Mediterranean.

7. AKEL and the Republican Turkish Party reaffirm their will to continue struggling against chauvinism, religious fanaticism and prejudices, for the promotion of rapprochement and trust between the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. The two parties express their satisfaction for the observed upgrading of mass contacts between simple people from the two communities. In this direction, they agree to continue and develop their contacts and mass joint events as well as, to encourage the contacts between trade union, professional, youth, women and other organizations, as well as of groups and individuals.

Demetris Christofias (General Secretary of the Central Committee of AKEL)
Mehmet Ali Talat (President of the Republican Turkish Party)