The leaderships of AKEL and CTP
at their meeting of January 17th 1997.

Delegations of AKEL, headed by the General Secretary of the C.C., Demetris Christofias, and the Republican Turkish Party, headed by the President of the Party, Mehmet Ali Talat, that met at AKEL headquarters today, January 17, 1997, jointly declare that:

1. The continuation of the abeyance of the Cyprus problem, the lack of communication between the two communities and the absence of substantial talks and progress in the talks, contribute to the consolidation of the status quo which is not and cannot be the solution of the Cyprus problem.

2. AKEL and CTP express their concern for the tension prevailing in recent months that might lead to a hot incident with unpredictable consequences for Cyprus.

The two Parties denounce any actions, irrespective of their source, leading to a military conflict and war, and appeal to all interested parties to discuss and agree on measures to decrease the tension and for the creation of conditions appropriate for constructive, substantial and fruitful talks.

3. CTP and AKEL consider that the acceptance of the measures proposed by the United Nations within the framework of the military dialogue, will constitute a decisive step for the creation of favorable preconditions for a peaceful, just and viable solution of the Cyprus problem.

4. The two Parties insist on their position that the solution of the Cyprus problem cannot be achieved by military means. The solution should be a peaceful one, should be reached via substantial talks under the auspices of the UNO and the sides should dispose political will and exhibit respect to the high-level agreements and the relative for Cyprus UN resolutions. They support that Ghali's Set of Ideas can constitute a good basis for a constructive dialogue.

5. The solution must adequately guarantee the independence, territorial integrity, sovereignty and unity of a bi-communal, bi-zonal federal republic of Cyprus against gnosis, partition or secession in any form, as is provided for in the Kyprianou-Denktash high-level agreement and the relevant UN resolutions, taking into account the security requirements of both communities.

6. For the solution to be viable and feasible, it should be based on the political equality and economic parity of the two communities and safeguard the equality, human rights and freedoms of all citizens without exception, regardless of national origin, as stated in paragraph 3 of the Kyprianou-Denktash high-level agreement.

7. AKEL and CTP assert that chauvinism is on the rise, which aims to inflict a decisive blow on rapprochement between the two communities, and they reiterate their will to have a constantly open front of struggle against chauvinism, religious fanaticism and prejudices, to enable the promotion of rapprochement, confidence, contacts and co-operation between the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots on all levels.

Nicosia, 17.1.1997