On the occasion of World Peace Day the trade union movement of Cyprus, Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot, reaffirm their adherence to the principles af peace and their determination to work with all their power for consolidation of peace in the whole af Cyprus and for conditions conductive to the co-operation of the people at the island for progress and prosperity.

The World Peace Day is observed on a world-wide basis as a reminder against the disasters of World War II with all the resulting evils for peoples and the backward course for mankind.

World Peace Day this year coincides with undiminished conflicts in various parts of the world causing widespread suffering and preventing consolidation of conditions for universal progress, a fact underlining the urgent duty of all to work for the consolidation of peace and the reversal of the course to disaster to one of hope and progress.

The trade union movement, as interpreter of the organised forces of the most dynamic section of the people everywhere have the special task in promoting peace.

The trade unions of Cyprus fully aware of their duties towards their members and the whole af the Cyprus people, loyal to their declarations and commitments, repeat with this opportunity their firm adherence to the course of peace and their will to step up their efforts in this respect.

The trade unions of Cyprus express their disappointment with the failure of the initiatives undertaken by the United Nations in the search for a lasting solution of the Cyprus problem, and call on aII the parties invlved, the United Nations Organisation, other organisations and countries showing an interest, to expedite their efforts and initiatives towards all directions so that the course to peace is safeguarded.

The trade unions of Cyprus reiterate their firm belief that, a just and viable solution of the Cyprus problem, will serve the course of peace in Cyprus and the region.

The solution must be based on the relevant UN resolutions on Cyprus and the high level agreements, with full guarantee on the human and trade union rights, and a unitary economy, without any form of discrimination.

Today's circumstancs make peace more vital than ever. The status quo is dangerously open to all forms of war and tensions. Those who struggle for peace must be at least as strong as the forces which oppose peace.

We, the Cypriot Trade Union organizations, both Greek and Turkish, on the occasion of world Peace Day, consider it our historical responsibility to raise our voices above those who wish to obstuct the peace procss and to unite our efforts against them in order to achieve an everlasting peace in Cyprus.

The trade union of Cyprus declare their firm determination to strengthen their cooperation in furtherance of the interests of their members considering this as the best contribution to peace.

Signed on September the lst,1997, by the Cyprus Trade Unions.

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2. (PEO)
5. (DEV-IS)
6. (KTAMS)
9. (POED)
10. (KTOS)
11. (OELMEK)
12. (OLTEK)
13. (KTOES)
14. (BES)
15. (POAS)