Declaration Released on September 1st, 1996 for 'World Peace Day' by 'The Action Comitee for Democracy and Peace' which is supported by various Turkish Cypriot organisations, political parties, labour unions etc.

Cypriot People who suffered a lot! You know it very well;
Enosis & Taksim mean war!
Chauvenism and Nationalism mean war!
"Cyprus is Greek" ideology and
Demands for Integration to Turkey mean war!
War means; death, blood, tears, animosities, hathred;
Chauvenism, fachism, i.e it means war again.
Isn't it enough; The blood we shed?
The lives taken?
Animosities and divisions created?
Know it well... Who died in war?
Who benefited from it...
Make your decision:
War or peace?
if you want peace
Do not allow them to create animosities
Do not allow them to create wars,
The ones who want Enosis & Integration
The ones who want to make Greeks & Turks
The ones who want to make us fight once more

Defend & Demand Peace,
Defend & Demand Friendship!
Defend this so that;
No innocent blood will be shed,
mothers will not cry,
children will not lose their fathers,
Do this because;
the blood that is shed,
the lives that are lost,
is our blood, our lives.
Know very well;
the ones who want to make us
the ones who want to make us fight!
shout: This is our country!
We do not want to fight
We want peace.
Shout in unison
Shout so that;
The wars will end
and This country will be ours.

The Action Comitee for Democracy and Peace
September 1st, 1996