The Youth Organization of the Patriotic Unity Movement, headed by Murat Kanatli, General Secretary, and of Youth Organization of the United Democrats, headed by its President Costas Christou, met at the offices of the United Democrats in Nicosia on Friday, 9/6/00, and following a discussion of the Cyprus problem and other issues of mutual interest reached the following conclusions:

(1) The Cyprus problem has been longstanding and it is time, and to the benefit of all Cypriots that it is solved without any further delay.

(2) The solution should be viable and its main aim should be the reunification of the island in the framework of a federation and based on the High-level Agreements and the relevant UN resolutions, guaranteeing the basic human rights of its citizens.

(3) The youth of the two parties hope that the EU accession process will aid the attempts for reunification and offer the chance for a better future for all Cypriot youth.

(4) Reapprochement is seen as the process that will build trust between Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots and help a prosperous and free Cyprus to become a member of the EU.

(5) The Youth Organizations of the Patriotic Unity Movement and the United Democrats reiterate their decision to join their forces and to work together for an independent, sovereign, demilitarised, federal Cyprus that enjoys territorial integrity.

(6) Free communication between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots is an essential issue because it promotes mutual understanding, respect and co-existence. It should therefore be continuously supported and expanded. For the youth, communication is even more important.

(7) Youth from both sides have no responsibility for the current situation in the island and have less discrimination against each other. They prefer to live in peace looking forward to a common future rather than being trapped in negative experiences.

(8) The two Organizations will continue their contacts on a regular basis in an effort to realise their dreams for a united country.