Joint Declaration about the situation in Cyprus

The Patriotic Unity Movement Youth Section (Turkish Cypriots), the Republican Turkish Party Youth Branch (Turkish Cypriots), the Cyprus Socialist Youth EDEN (Greek Cypriots) and the Young Generation of the Austrian Socialdemocratic Party having met in Vienna on the 9th of March 2000 and having evaluated the current situation of Cyprus jointly declare:

Cyprus is the common home of all Cypriots (Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, Armenians and Latins). All the Communities living in Cyprus are committed to work towards a peaceful solution that will guarantee prosperity and safety for all citizens.
The status quo on the island is unacceptable because it does not safeguard a peaceful future for the young generation of Cyprus. It also violates fundamental human rights of the people of Cyprus and restricts communication and co-existence between the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot Communities in Cyprus. The status quo keeps the island deeply divided .

All the above indicates the need for a long lasting and viable solution which should be reached within the shortest possible period of time. The solution of the Cyprus problem which will lead to the Federal Republic of Cyprus should be based on the High-Level Agreements, relative United Nations resolutions and International Law. It should safeguard full independence, territorial integrity, single international personality, single sovereignty and single citizenship. Any form of Enosis (Union), or Taksim (Partition), or secession are unacceptable.

Human Rights for all Cypriots
We demand that a solution to the Cyprus problem should restore human rights for all Cypriots especially the freedom of movement, establishment and acquisition of property. We ask that the right of all refugees to return back to their properties and homes must be safeguarded.
Furthermore it should be based on the consolidation of the security feeling in both Communities without any discrimination on the basis of national origin and on the equality of all citizens.

We consider that the demilitarisation of the island could be a first positive step towards an overall settlement of the political problem which will eliminate the mistrust between the two Communities. Demilitarisation of Cyprus will also contribute decisively to security and peace in the region.

International Guarantees
The status of the Federal Republic of Cyprus should be guaranteed by the United Nations Security Council and the institutions of the European Union.

Culture, Heritage and History of the Communities of Cyprus
Considering the importance of heritage, culture and religion of each community we strongly support and encourage any activity which promotes mutual respect such as the protection of historical and religious monuments.

Bi-Communal Communication
At the moment communication between the two communities is limited because of the continuing unfair suspension of all bi-communal activities by the regime in the north.
We want to point out that the communication between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots is an essential issue because it promotes mutual understanding, respect and co-existence. It should therefore be left continuously open and immediately expanded.

EU perspective for Cyprus
The ongoing accession negotiations of the Republic of Cyprus with the EU must lead to the integration of Cyprus in the European Union.
We ask that the Turkish Cypriot Community respond positively and participate in the EU accession negotiations. We reconfirm our conviction that the accession process of Cyprus to the European Union will act as a catalyst for the solution of the Cyprus problem and that the accession to the EU will be to the benefit of both Communities.
It is our strong belief that Cyprus within the European Union promises a prosperous and safe future for all citizens of the island.