Education Principles after a solution; Youth Movement of the Patriotic Unity Movement (YBH)

1) Compulsory teaching of the two languages
- Compulsory teaching of Greek language in Turkish Cypriot education system and Turkish language in Greek Cypriot education system

2) An education system purified from nationalism
- The rearrangement of the education sylabuses
- The rearrangement of history books

3) Establishment of an education system which will stress on the common identity
- Cancellation of ceremonies, meetings,etc. which will damage the common identity and encourage hate and enmity.

4) Prohibition of nationalist propaganda made by official / semi- official bodies using various means.

5) Sopporting universities and higher eduaction institutes to carry out research and studies to encourage bi-communal life.

6) Formation of conditions for bicommunal life and common culture by specilaized education

7) Application of universal education principles