30th November 1990

1. On November 30th 1990, delegations of ADISOK and YKP met at the New Cyprus Party (NCP-YKP) office at Nicosia.

2. The meeting took place in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and convergence of views as regards to the basic principles of the Cyprus problem and the means of promotion of the solution of the problem.

3. The two partiest believe that the Cyprus problem should be solved within the frame-work of a bizonal, bicommunal federation which will ensure the independence, sovereignty , territorial integrity and the unity of Cyprus as well as guarantee conditions of security for all inhabitants of the island and for the Cyprus Republic as a whole.

4. A prerequisite for the solution of the Cyprus problem is the ending of all foreign interventions, the withdrawal of foreign troops and the complete demilitarization of Cyprus.

5. The two parties condemn any attemp to change the demographic character of Cyprus.

6. Within the framework of a solution, the right of refugees to return to their homes should be recognized and the implementation of this right to be realised bearing in mind the bizonal and bicommunal character of the Federal Cyprus State.

7. The question of the missing persons should be faced as a humanitarian one, and the fate of the missing persons both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots during the whole period of intercommunal strife should be assertained.

8. The two parties agreed that the people of both communities should become conscious that the peaceful solution of the Cyprus problem is of utmost importance.

The past experiences of acts of violence and terrorism which have poisoned the relations between the two communities should not be allowed to be repeated.

9. A necessary factor for achieving a just and viable solution of the Cyprus problem is the creation of the conditions of trust, mutual respect, friendship and cooperation between the two communities. The suspicions and the feelings of insecurity cannot be eradicated with the continuation of the division and the absence of contacts and communications between the two communities. Therefore the two parties demand elimination of any obstacles in the way of communication between the two communities.

10. The two parties decided to set up a joint commitee in order to exchange views and ideas, on the Cyprus question, and to contribute to the promotion of a just and viable solution.

11. In order to promote mutual understanding between the two communities it has been agreed by the two parties, to organise joint activities and joint programs for the eradication of chauvenism from education and protection of the cultural heritage of the island.

Pavlos Dinglis(ADISOK)
Alpay Durduran(YKP)