4th of February 1991

The two parties asserting their support to their joint declaration on the 30th November 1990 wish to express their regret that no solution has yet been found to the Cyprus question. They consider it as unacceptable that the UN Secretary General has not been successful in bringing the communal leaders to work within the framework of an agreement as set out in his report to the Security Council and they call for an urgent solution of the Cyprus question.

The two parties, believing that a solution to the Cyprus question is necessary, inevitable and urgent , declare that their cooperation in future is essential and a solution can only be viable if Greek and Turkish organisations have close contacts and satisfactory cooperation and call for the enactment of legislation in the areas of anti-discrimination, sex discrimination, unfair dissnissal, labour relations, and industrial tribunals empowering the state to support the discriminated persons in order to assure citizens that in the future the state will fight to protect the discriminated persons.

The two parties, believe that it is neccessary to show that they fight against chaeuvinism and they will inform each other and public that the chaeuvinism repeled and anti-chaeuvinists increased their efficiency.

They know that the protection of the independent and federal Cyprus Republic needs the supremacy of the labourers, efficiency of their organised power and solidarity among them.

Instead of divisions based on national and ethnic roots which are responsibles of the bloodshed two parties call for Cypriot patriotism prevail.

For these reasons the two parties express their determination to increase contacts and cooperation and find new means between themselves and to activate a joint commitee.

The two parties condemn the emperialism and reactionary dictatorships of chaeuvinism that they caused the Gulf war and call for an immediate ceasefire. They demand a disarnament in the region, therefore in order to show the peoples of the region that the borders are inviolable call Iraq regime to withdraw from Kuwait.

The two parties consider the Gulf war as a reaction to the differences among the peoples, not a war among religions and condemn the activists which endeavour to propagate religious hathred.

Alpay Durduran (YKP)
Pavlos Dinglis (ADISOK)