Peace-Cyprus.Org: Cyprus in 1928
Cyprus National Geographic Photos 1928
Photographs taken from a National Geographic article on Cyprus, dating from 1928.

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"Helene sits among the poppies"

"Fishing fleet at anchor in Kyrenia harbor"

"Deacons in the courtyard of Kykko monastery"

"Veiled reminders of the days of the Crescent banner"

"The inn courtyard at Nicosia"

"Lefkara girls knitting"

Tower of Othello

"A prelate of the Kyrenia hills"

"An itinerant Cypriote bakery"

"The muezzin calls to prayer from a Christian portal"

Hala Sultan Tekke


"Moslem women of Cyprus"

Sea Gate Tower of Famagusta

Main street in Famagusta

Famagusta harbor

"A Cypriote priest pays a friendly visit"