Cyprus in 1952
Cyprus in 1952
Cyprus National Geographic Photos 1952
Photographs taken from a National Geographic article on Cyprus, dating from 1952.
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Peristerona."Minaret and belfry link East and West, Moslem and Christian"

Farmer tossing wheat

Cypriot farmer

Paratrooper with bagpipes in Kyrenia

Baking bread in traditional oven

"Mystic blue spots 'protect' oxcarts"

Man on cart carrying Cyprus jugs

Famagustan beauty dressed in silk finery

British Governor inspecting the Cyprus Regiment

Vineleaves for dolmades.

Scene from Karpas peninsula

Empire Day in Famagusta harbor

Turkish elder man shopping in Famagusta

Girl with flatbasket

Girls in Classic Greek attire during flower fiest.

Yialousa beauty offering traditional delicacy

Helen of 1928, after 24 years

Panoramic view of Kalopanayiotis village

Kornos women making pottery

View of Kyrenia castle from the sea


Panoramic aerial view of Kyrenia

Boys in the Limassol harbor

Two girls from Limassol

Where is the donkey?

Street in Nicosia

Dome paintings of Lagoughera church

Papoutsosyka- Babutsa

British paratrooper

Phiti woman weaving

Cypriot family in the fields

Shepherd with his flock


Yialousa women making and weaving silk

Boat race outside Kyrenia sea wall

Gothic cathedral of St Nicholas, now a mosque

Turkish Cypriot girls