Reunification of our people and of our country

Larnaca Area Co-villagers meeting at Pergamos Park



"... A Turk begun to play his drum loudly, another one played on his reed flute the highest note, a Greek scratched continuously his lute, another one played a melody on his flute while his wife played equally loudly her drum..."


Magda H. Ohnefalsch Richter describing the Fiest of Panayia-Aphrodite in Larnaca sometime between 1894-1912.

Photographs by Adonis Florides copyright ©2000 all rights reserved


For once more language was not a barrier for people who know how to communicate with eyes and body gestures and when they got into a deep political discussion where a real translation was necessary there were many of them who spoke the language of the other . But indeed if you ignore the meaning of words the music of both Cypriot languages folllow the same melodic lines. This recording is not a masterpiece. It is not recorded with high fidelity equipment or in an expensive sound studio, but there on the spot, during this bicommunal party of reconciliation.


It is a very rare cultural deposition of a Cyprus that is dissappearing fast and where Turkish and Greek Cypriots improvise on one of the many tunes that are common in both communities. A violin, a lute, a toblek and there it is: one of the the most original forms of expression of our people in both languages. No loudspeakers and distorted violin sound, no touristic folklorisation of any kind. The sound is pure coming out from the deepest corner of the Cypriot soul.

Adonis Florides



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Singing at Pergamos Park


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