Reunification of our people and of our country

Larnaca Area Co-villagers meeting at Pergamos Park



This time the sky had a different blue and the dust was of a different red colour. Almost three months have already past since the first meeting of Greek and Turkish Cypriot co-villagers last July and the change from summer to autumn has never been so boring in Cyprus.

In fact there is no change since the high temperatures are still there and my personal cloud of dust still follows me everywhere I go, giving my allergy a good excuse to remind me with a blast of light speed travelling sneezes. But indeed this place had a different colour this time. The sky, the dust, the smell, the smile on the faces of the people who came here again to meet their co-villagers from the wrong side were all different.

Many of them came here for the second time. This time, many of the older ones, overcoming their real or imaginary fear for the other, they brought their families, their kids and grandchildren. They had family photos to show to the people with whom they grew up together other members of their families that could not make it or who are dispersed all around the world: in London, Melbourne or Canada.

This time you could not hear anymore the deep cry "we grew old re", you could not see the tears in their eyes. It was almost like a normal gathering of people who came for a pic-nic at this lovely spot at Pergamos. Almost.

In these pages you will find photographs taken from the event.

Adonis Florides



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