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Louroujina Villagers' Re-Union Meeting

On Sunday, January 27, 2002 the villagers of Louroujina met in Pyla. Here is an account of the event by Nicos Anastasiou and pictures from the event.

The village of Louroujina - three generations: Forgiveness and Reconciliation

We had planned the meeting of Sunday 27 January, 2002 of the reunion of the Louroujina co-villagers as one more journey into the unknown. During our search to invite Louroujiates people a few (very few) I spoke to said they were not interested to come along. By 11:00am the first people showed up at the restaurant and then the magic of coexistence began to fill the hearts of everyone there. The place proved too small for the 150 people from both sides who turned up. Some recognised each other, most realised who each other was by referring to their parents or grandparents names. I heard many people saying that they did not expect that the experience of meeting again would be so rich and so moving. Panicos Chrysanthou, the film maker was there and took two hours of footage. We hope that a documentary will be made of the event.

The organisers said a few words. Then the people spoke of the good times they shared in the past. Some spoke of the bad times as well. Many had left the village from as long ago as 1958. There were even times when nationalist fanatics had interfered in the village life and many had bad memories of periods of tension and suspicion. But the spirit that prevailed during the reunion meeting was one of forgiveness and reconciliation. And when these last two words were mentioned the audience applauded generously with approval. How I wish the whole of Cyprus could be there to witness the miracle of hope that came to us as a gift from the gentleness of these people. I heard many people saying that there are many others who would want to come along to the next meeting. Many people stayed till late in the afternoon.

We formed a bi-communal coordinating committee for Louroujina that will be meeting again very soon so we can decide on the next steps; a few more steps for peace...

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