Bi-Communal Cypriot Dance Group
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  • On Sunday the 29th of December about 40 young people from both communities spent a day together in Pyla. They all had a common interest: Cypriot dances. And a common aim: To establish the first ever bi-communal Cypriot dance group. Among them there were 6 teachers of such dances. For most of the participants it was the first time they had met someone from the 'other side'. Despite some difficulties with the language (some did not know English very well) it was not long before the common language of dance took over and bridges of trust and comfort in each other's presence were strongly established. They showed to each other how they dance different versions of very similar dances to music that is identical. They also took the first steps in teaching each other some of the steps. It was indeed an experience where differences functioned as a source mutual enrichment rather than a cause of conflict. At some stage the group brainstormed together to find a name for their group and came up with about 30 possibilities. A vote was taken and 23 votes were given to: "STEPS FOR PEACE". Their second meeting is scheduled for Sunday the 13th of January at 10:00am. If more people are interested to join this group you may contact:
    - Halide Tuna Tel. 2255425
    - Melina Karaolia Tel. 02-621952