Bi-Communal Youth Festival

of Traditional Games and Modern Music

Pergamos Park 30.9.2000

Photograph by Adonis Florides copyright ©2000 All rights reserved


Images of people singing, performing dancing and playing. Images of young Greek and Turkish Cypriots who came together to demand a better future.

There are 28 images in this section. They were chosen as the most representative of the event and tell the whole story in pictures. For more photographs check our main page.

Photographs by Adonis Florides copyright ©2000 All rights reserved

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on stage


people in B&W

people in colour



Sunset, and the masses are grieving,

Sunset, blood red gives way to evening.

Sunset, mothers tears make graves wetter,

We deserve better!

Midnight, political practice takes control,

Midnight, youth dream of friends,

eternal. Until midnight,

we sang together.

We deserve better!

Sunrise, and our children will play together.

Sunrise, to find nations in peace forever.

Sunrise for the future is brighter,

Because We deserve better!

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