Bi-communal Youth Groups and activities

Meeting in Pyla on the 23rd of September 2000


On Saturday, 23rd of September there was an important meeting of representatives of the various bi-communal youth groups in Pyla. This is an outline of the main themes that we covered.

Bi-communal Youth Festival of Traditional Games and Modern Music

to take place at Pergamos park on Saturday the 30th of September 2000. Read more....

After our discussion of the festival we had a number of presentations of various bi-communal projects that are either ongoing or are planned to be started soon. These were:


1. Bi-communal marathon against leukemia (in memory of Cemal)

2. The YEP project

3.The co-villagers project

4. The child labour project

5. Writing a performing a play

6. Internet radio project

7. Forming a bi-communal band

8. Environmental projects


Our next meeting of all the groups will be on Sunday the 22nd of October, in Friendship House in Pyla from 3:00pm till 6:00pm.