YEP 4 workshop in Pyla

The Youth Encounters for Peace 4 (YEP 4) workshop took place at the Friendship and Co-operation House in Pyla on the 2bd and 3rd of September 2000 and it was attended by Greek and Turkish Cypriot students. In these pages you will find some photographs from the workshop, poetry and reflections written by some of the participants.

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I remember everything but I can't decide if it was true or just a dream. Deep down inside I feel the scream, the passion for love and peace! This was the first time I was actually going to make friends with the Turkish Cypriots. I may have met them before, but nothing can be compared to this experience. I learned many things about the North as much as I learned about the South. I could feel tender emotions all the time and I could hear my inner voice telling me to fight for peace. All the different activities were great but I think the greatest activity of all was the so called "Walk through history". Here we discovered how each side feels and we were ready to comfort each other. Another part of the workshop that was just as much moving as this one was at the end, when each individual expressed his feelings and emotions. Excitement, love for our neighbours, desire for peace where at their peak.

Michaelangelo Anastasiou

Go YEP 4 go!!: The end of the workshop

This weekend was probably one of the best I have ever had, such that I cannot stop thinking of the two days I had spent together with my new friends. I am full with the enthusiasm of doing something that may be useful on behalf of our YEP 4 group and communities also. I always check out if I came up with any other ideas to promote our efforts and I think it is abouttime we got together.

Having no idea about what was waiting for me, I was feeling a bit strange and puzzled when I woke up on Saturday morning. This was going to be thefirst time that I was supposed to meet with Greek Cypriot youth, which we always used to know as enemies! However all my anxiety disappeared as soon as I began to talk with our Greek friends and I was quite comfortable indeed in just a few minutes

During the two-day workshop period, we started a long journey from past, travelled through the present and advanced towards the future. Finally we concluded that what we are supposed to do was toremember the sufferings both communities went through, hold hand to hand and look to the bright coming days. I had spent two dream-like days in Pyla.

And now I look forward to other YEP projects. Now I am happy (to make lots of real friends), hopeful and proud of what we have achieved. Aboveall these all aren't what we are going to be satisfied with; we want more andwe will get it!We love our compatriots, we count on our compatriots and look forward to their support.


Çise (Chise) SAKALLI

Green line : preparing for our 'walk in history'.

Everyone walked on the tape and read what was written on both sides. This was done in complete silence

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