Photo: In December 2000 Youth Encounters for Peace 6 (YEP 6) took place in the midst of rising tension in the buffer zone. An important highlight of this group was its co-operation with Australian artist Dominic Ryan in setting up by the Pergamos area two giant billboards declaring that "We have all suffered enough" and "Peace on Earth".

Biccomunal Youth News

March 2001

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Cross visit

There is a cross visit to the north being organised for youth groups for Saturday the 17th of March (not the 10th as was originally suggested). The main organisers are the three youth groups that went to the summer 2000 youth camps (ie the Seeds of Peace 2000 group and the two SIT 2000 groups). It is expected that quite a number of the G/C members of these three groups will not be able to come along. So there are opportunities for the G/C members of the other youth groups to join. Please contact for more details.


YEP 7 and YEP 8- New workshops

Last weekend Youth Encounters for Peace 7 took place. The two days workshop was very successful and it is difficult to describe the depth and richness of the experience unless you were there.

Plans have already been made for YEP 8. The two days will be spread over a longer period to make it easier for people who cannot commit themselves for two consecutive days. So day one will be Sunday the 18th of March (9:30am - 5:00pm) and the second day will be Saturday 24th of March or Sunday the 25th (to be decided by the first day participants). Like in YEP 7 there will be a total of 50 places available allocated on a first come first served basis as follows: 20 + 20 aged 20 to 30 years old and 5 + 5 teenagers. If you wish to reserve a place (it must be for both days) or know people who are interested to join please contact


Reviving the electronic version of the YEP project

Many teenagers have difficulties coming to Pyla. So we reactivate the electronic "make at least one friend" version of the YEP project that has so far brought together more than 300 young people. The very realistic hope here is to ensure that many many people will fill in and send the application form so that he/she will be 'matched' and start corresponding electronically with a new friend from the other community. Furthermore, we hope that you will pass on the application form to be filled by your friends in Cyprus and abroad who never had the chance to meet someone from the other community.

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Parents' Encounters for Peace

Many teenagers have difficulties coming to Pyla. OK again. So we try something different. Let us see if some of the parents would be interested to take part in an one day workshop, say on a Sunday. We have already had some requests like this from parents from both communities anyway. Friends of the parents can also join the workshop. Their children could come along as well but not participantsin the workshop. They can just spend time together as young people and if they want they can organise themselves and prepare lunch for the older folks. Please pass on this idea to your parents. We hope to have more specific news about dates, contact persons to give names etc soon.

Summer camps in the US

0There will be three camps this summer and if you wish to apply check for the details and print the application form from: Bicommunal Opps

Teenagers who have already been involved in bi-communal work have an extra advantage to be mentioned in the application form.