Cypriot Memories

Osman Yusuf Verde (left) from Louroujina and Baraski Kosta (right) from Nisu.

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We believe in peace and human rights for all Cypriot communities. This can not be achieved without preserving and remembering centuries long shared experience of these communities.

Louroutzina/Lourijina/Luricina homepage by Soner Arifler.

I believe that our cultural heritage is invaluable and must be known by all of us, old and young alike. I hope that Louroujina Home Page will gradually grow to include our village history, our customs, our past and present activities, clubs, societies, business activities, personalities, photographs and any other aspect or material which is about Louroujina.

The Common Labour Struggles of Greek and Turkish Cypriots (Events Through History) by Pantelis Varnava

Wherever Greeks and Turks lived and worked together, they had the same problems to deal with: exhaustingly long working hours; barely subsistence wages; lack of protection for themselves and their families in case of illness; industrial accidents, unemployment, old age, housing, etc. They all experienced the same suffering and the same need for decent treatment and protection. It was only to be expected, therefore, that they would join together in their struggles which usually had the support of their wives and children.

Photographs from National Geographic Magazine: Dated 1928 and dated 1952.

Re-living the memories: Villagers' Re-union Meetings

Various youth groups and non-governmental organisations in Cyprus are organising re-union meetings between Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot villagers' who used to live together in mixed villages. These meetings allow them to refresh their memories, catch-up with their old friends and introduce the younger generations to their older friends and their memories. So far several meetings happened for villagers from individual villages and one recent meeting where villagers from all around Cyprus got together

Origins of the Cyprus Problem: Text of the speech Brendan O'Malley gave at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in January 2001.

On January 16, 2001, Brendan O'Malley gave a talk at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the origins of Cyprus Problem. The event was organized by the Cypriot Friends of Boston and was the first in the series of three events which analyzed the past and the present of the problem and concluded with a panel discussion about the future of Cyprus. Anyone interested in the recent history of Cyprus and in the role played by foreign powers in the Cyprus problem will find this article very interesting.


by Mehmet Yashin

Was your name Stella,
the aunt who lived in this house
before us?
Did you have children?
And this picture on the wall,
was it taken on your wedding day, dear aunt?

Was your name Stella,
was it you who used to hang the washing
on the balcony, before us?
On the wall tiles, are they your finger prints?
And the voice which still vibrates in the rooms?
Oh, my auntie, my dear, dear aunt!

You are the door shattered with a rifle-butt,
the cotton fabric that clothes strangers,
you are the cooking pot to feed the others.

You are just a fading photograph,
not even a corner for you in an album.

If I could only meet you one day,
I'd be so happy, ever so happy...

I'm keeping all your photographs, little girl :
here is your birthday
under the mandarin tree, the cake with three candles
you, in the sea with Donald Duck
you, waving from the car
your parents smiling at you
and now you're smiling at me.

I'll give these pictures back to you, little girl,
but from time to time
all this weighs heavy on me, I am anguished :
What, if they killed you during that war?

I'm very curious to know
who was this Greek-Cypriot reading this book?
He stopped on page 48.
Perhaps he was called up at that very moment?
And, what is more, the title is :
Man is not Born a Soldier.

We could have shared memories,
eaten ice-cream together,
I might have dressed the wound on your hand,
been able to wear your rain coat on a wet day.
I would have liked you to know of my surprise at myself
how can I continue with your unfinished book,
here, like that!

Smell of blood all around me

I am not a murderer,
make peace with me, flowers in pots
counterpanes, easy chairs,
and the photograph in the album.
I am not a murderer.

Blood is flowing all round me

If only you had been there and witnessed :
I am not a m u r d e r e r .