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Interactive Peace Building Information Center

  • Cyprus Peace-Building News:
    An interactive News Resource. Read the latest news related to Peace Building and Reconciliation efforts in Cyprus, send your own articles and comments. This section is updated daily.
  • Peace-Building Events Calendar:
    Check rhe dates about the most important upcoming Peace building events in Cyprus and abroad. Submit your own events.
  • Discussion Forums:
    A set of discussion forums for you to exchange ideas with people interested in peace building in Cyprus. Topics include Education, Peace, Memories, Youth Club and other.
  • Cyprus Peace Reporters:
    Learn more about how to become a member of the CPreporters network and contribute to peace and reconciliation efforts in Cyprus.



  • Bi-communal Youth Groups and Activities:
    Information about the Youth Encounters for Peace (YEP) groups, the Seeds of Peace groups and other youth groups and initiatives. You will also find pages dedicated to some of the events these youth groups have organised and information about their projects.
  • G/C and T/C Villagers Reunion Meetings:
    Most of the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots who used to live in mixed villages or towns have not been able to meet since 1974 and in many cases since 1963. Despite the violence and the pain there is a treasure of good experiences that these people shared together. This treasure has been 'buried' for many years in the hearts of all these people and the desire to see their old friends is still strong. A joined effort by Greek and Turkish Cypriots is currently being undertaken to arrange reunion meetings of such people from many villages and towns. This section includes images and short videos from all major such meetings.
  • Peace Festivals:
    Full coverage of all the major Peace Festivals organised since was launched. This section includes images and short videos from the Bi-communal Youth Festival: on Sunday 26th of March 2000, at Pergamos Park, the Festival of Mutual Understanding:on Sunday 10 Sept 2000 at Ledra Palace hotel, the We Deserve Better: Bi-Communal Youth Festival of Traditional Games and Modern Music on Sunday 30 Sept 2000 at Pergamos Park and the UN Day: on October 15, 2000 at Ledra Palace hotel.
  • Cypriot Memories:
    We believe in peace and human rights for all Cypriot communities. This can not be achieved without preserving and remembering centuries long shared experience of these communities. Hence in the pages titled 'Memories', we present various materials that would help us keep these memories alive. The projects include: Louroutzina/Lourijina/Luricina homepage by Soner Arifler, The Common Labour Struggles of Greek and Turkish Cypriots (Events Through History) by Pantelis Varnava and Photographs from the National Geographic Magazine dated 1928 and 1952.
    You can also find the text of the speech Brendan O'Malley gave at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in January 2001 on the "Origins of the Cyprus Problem". Anyone interested in the recent history of Cyprus and in the role played by foreign powers in the Cyprus problem will find this talk very interesting.
  • Peace Cyprus Art and Culture:
    In this section hosts artisitc projects suitable for the web whether poetry, short stories, photography, painting, architecture, film and video, music or multimedia projects, whether "traditional" or "modern" and which are related with Cyprus and peace. Watch the award winning short film "Espresso" by Adonis Florides and Theodoros Nicolaides, read a Cypriot love tale from the Venetian period and visit "Mirrors" a multimedia art project by Yiannis Colakides and Helen Black.
  • Peace Garden:
    Audio recordings of a weekly radio program by Neshe Yasin. The program is broadcast every Tuesday (9PM Cyprus time) on Radio Astra (92.8FM)
  • Peace-Building Declarations:
    Turkish and Greek Cypriot organisations, political parties and labour unions regularly get together and release declarations related to the Cyprus Problem. This page hosts a collection of those.
  • Petitions for peace-building in Cyprus: organises petitions and asks for signatures from organisations and individuals. You can read & sign these on these pages.


Other Hosted Projects and Mirrors

  • Association for Cypriot, Greek and Turkish Affairs [mirror]:
    Association for Cypriot, Greek and Turkish Affairs is an organisation in United Kingdom founded to promote the development and dissemination of knowledge and understanding of contemporary social, political, economic and cultural affairs in Cyprus, Greece and Turkey so as to promote good and friendly relations between these countries.
  • Cambridge Cyprus Campaign [mirror]:
    The Cambridge Campaign for Cyprus (or CCC) is an independent, bi-communal campaign group made up of Cambridge students. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the situation in Cyprus, to promote greater understanding between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, and ultimately, to contribute to the debate about prospects for a solution.
  • Women's Civic Initiative for Peace:
    Women's Civic Initiative for Peace was formed by the Patriotic Women's Union and Women's Research Centre in 1999, vanguard in this area for the past twenty years. Women's Research Centre is the National Contact for Cyprus for Women's Internationalwith the aim of defending and contributing towards peace in Cyprus and in the world. Women's Research Centre and Patriotic Women's Union have been the Studies Europe (WISE) and part of the Women Peacemakers Program of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR). It's also part of the Harvard University's Women Waging Peace Global Network. The initiative is informal and open to all women. You can read more about the initiative in these pages.
  • CASP 1999 Workshop: These pages were created to share the experience of 26 Cypriot students who attended a one-week bicommunal workshop at the Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • No Stones, No Bullets but Flowers!:
    A growing homepage describing the organisations and aims of a peace march that took place in Cyprus in 1997.
  • Crossings Journal:
    CROSSINGS is a journal committed to Cypriot Bicommunal exchanges, contacts and thought. Only one issue has been published so far.
  • Peace Center Newsletter:
    A copy of the June 1996 issue of the newsletter of Cyprus Peace Center [in Greek].
  • Vaccines-for-Peace Initiative (VPI):
    Vaccines-for-Peace Initiative (VPI) will attempt to augment the vaccine coverage rates in the two communities of Cyprus. Away from political agendas this initiative will strive to bring together health-care professionals to tackle the issue of vaccinations against preventable infectious diseases. The primary component of this initiative will target young children and women of childbearing age. By focusing on these two groups, we can ensure that the future generations of the island will be protected against preventable infectious diseases.